Hunt With Heart

April 2, 2013

Dear Mr. Burts,

Thank you very much for your support and providing the helicopter for our camp. I’d like to give you a little background so you will understand what a great deed you are doing!

Hunt with Heart is a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation devoted to enhancing the lives of young individuals battling life-threatening or debilitating illness. We focus on doing this through involving them in outdoor activities. We believe God’s natural environment is healing and regenerative and that activities there are greatly rewarding to those young kids who spend so much of their time in medical institutions and struggling to survive.

Our flagship activity is Camp Beaver Creek. We conduct this camp twice a year and focus on kids would serious heart disease. We host six kids and a parent each. They are paired with a guide and learn to shoot and safely handle firearms. Once they achieve a level of proficiency, they have some fun on the range with a variety of rifles. The rest of the weekend is spent hunting, fishing, shooting, relaxing, eating and bonding. It is a very empowering experience for the kids, and they all get to take at least one animal and end up with a trophy (mount or pelt), meat, pictures and everlasting memories of camp. It’s an environment which they are not the weak for sick kid, or the odd one in the crowd. They get to accomplish and enjoy the experience with other kids battling similar challenges as him/her self. Our medical director, William Jeff Dreyer, MD is the director of the Texas Children’s Hospital heart transplant team. He has commented several times that are kids appear much healthier at camp then anywhere else he sees them. Our camp seems hugely beneficial to these kids and equally rewarding to everyone else involved. The two camps a year brings us an average of a new member each month, as the kids at our camp become members of our hunt with heart family for life once they attend.

For our next camp, we have a very special camper named Joseph. Joseph is 16 years old. He was born with only half of his heart, which is now failing. He has lived in a small motel room near the hospital with his mother for the past year because they are from San Antonio and he is waiting for a donor heart. During this wait, if he is more than an hour from the hospital, he will be temporarily taken off the transplant list. He was cleared for camp and he and his mother need the relief desperately. Camp Beaver Creek is just outside of Milano, TX and without your helicopter would be too far for him to stay active on the transplant list. Your generous support will enable him to go to camp, knowing that if a heart comes in, he won't miss what may be his only chance for a life-saving heart transplant!

I wish this letter could out of it quickly express our gratitude. God bless you.

Toby Kroeger, President
Hunt with Heart
PO Box 463
Pearland, TX 77588